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Oceans Beach Club is the must venue in Magaluf for stag parties, hen parties, birthdays and all other large groups. Our large group packages split the cost of the day between each person and make booking a VIP day out easy.

All VIP beds and sofa booths come with a minimum spend on the table. For large groups it can sometimes be difficult deciding who drinks what and who needs to pay a percentage of the bill. Instead of a minimum spend, each one of these packages comes with a set number of drink tokens per person. This allows everyone to be able to order their own individual drinks while all paying the same price per person. A VIP area is included in all the packages and to make things even sweeter, the stag or hen goes COMPLETELY FREE!

You can make a reservation online using the calendar below. Alternatively, you can request a private booking link for everyone to pay their own deposit individually. This option saves you having to chase individuals for their money, making the booking process even easier.

Visit here if you prefer a minimum spend option instead of drink tokens or if you have less than 10 people in your party.

VIP Areas

Ocean Beach Magaluf VIP areas

Round Bed

Perfect for couples and small groups. The round beds hold up to 4 people maximum and are located next to the pool.

Ocean Beach Magaluf VIP areas

Bali Bed

The bali beds are located on the VIP balcony and have amazing panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea. Each bed comes with a small sofa and holds up to 8 people.

Ocean Beach Magaluf VIP areas

Manager’s Bed

The managers bed is located on the VIP balcony and has amazing panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea. The bed comes with 2 small sofas and holds up to 10 people. There is no cover charge for this area.

Ocean Beach Magaluf VIP areas


Located in the centre of the venue, the sofas are great for medium sized groups of up to 8 people.

Ocean Beach Magaluf VIP areas

King Booth

The U shaped King Booths are perfect for large groups of up to 10 people and are all located in the centre of the venue.

Ocean Beach Magaluf VIP areas

Manager’s Booth

The Managers Booth is the best VIP area at Oceans Beach Club. The raised booth includes built in speakers and can hold 16 people maximum. There is no cover charge on for area.

Frequently Asked Questions

VIP areas are made up of a cover charge and minimum spend. The cover charge is the cost of the area for the day and entrance for everyone using the area. The minimum spend is the minimum amount you agree to spend to secure the VIP area for the day.

You can use the minimum spend on the drinks menu, food menu and towards drink packages

We open at 12:00 and close between 20:00 to 00:00 depending on the day and the event. You have the VIP area from 12:00 until 20:00. If we are open later than 20:00 and you wish to stay longer, please speak to the VIP host and if there is no night event this will be possible. Low season dates we may close from 19:00. 

If you have a VIP area reserved, you will need to arrive by 15:00. If you have a stag or hen package, you will need to arrive by 14:00. We reserve the right to resell your bed if you have not arrived by this time. If you need to arrive later, please let us know by emailing

Standard and premium entrance tickets need to arrive by 18:00.

No entrance tickets are required for VIP’s.

Each VIP area is based around the maximum number of people that can fit in the area. We always recommend large groups booking two vips areas next to each other so everyone has enough space.

However, ff you wish to add extra people to a VIP area, this can be done at a cost of an extra €50 minimum spend per person.

For example, if your bali bed has a maximum of 8 people with a minimum spend of €350 and you wish for 9 people to attend, the total minimum spend would become €400.

To add extra people, please email our VIP team at to check availability.


When you book a VIP bed or sofa, you choose which area you would like and have a minimum spend for the day.

Stag and hen packages are for large groups of 10 or more people. The packages include drink tokens per person and a VIP area for the entire group. The are designed to make booking a large party easy and allow everyone to pay a set price per person and have their own individual drinks for the day.

If you are a stag or hen party and you prefer having a minimum spend for the group rather than drink tokens, you can simply book a large VIP area instead. Groups smaller than 10 people should also do this instead of a token package.

1x drink token allows for any beer, bottle, alcopop, soft drink, glass of wine and local spirit and mixer.

2x drink tokens are required for top shelf spirits, cocktails and ciders.

If you have paid a deposit, the remaining balance is due on arrival by card or cash. 

All deposits are non refundable. If you can no longer make your reservation, you will not be liable to pay the remaining balance however the deposit can not be refunded.

If you have booked a stag and hen package and an individual can no longer make the event, you will not need to pay that individuals remaining balance however they will loose the deposit they paid. 

If due to bad weather the beach club can not open for the day, you will be offered a full refund or you can move your reservation to a different day. The choice is up to you.

There is no large storage at the beach club and all bags must stay in your VIP area. If you need to bring a suitcase, please note that we can not store this for you and are not reliable for the suitcase during your stay. However, you may keep it with you in your VIP area.

Standard and entrance tickets can not bring suitcases and you must keep all your belongings on you.

No. We are strictly over 18 and ID may be required on entrance.

This is summer, due to COVID rules, we are unable to provide towels. Please bring your own if you need one. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

No food or drink from the outside is allowed to enter the venue.

No items can be swapped or altered on any of the drink packages. This includes the champagne spray packages.

There is no dress code however certain items are not allowed. These include:

  • Football and sports shirts
  • Inappropriate fancy dress
  • Large inflatables
  • Male swimwear that is too short or revealing 
  • Body paint and body sparkles (face and chest are allowed)

There is a high chance your photo will be taken and used on social media channels so make sure your looking good!

If you wish for your photo not to be taken, please speak with the photographer on the day. 

Please feel free to contact us at

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