Taste Of The Mediterranean

Lying by the shore for a long time is not a prerequisite for the awakening of all sorts of appetites. The spirit rises quickly. For this reason, at the Oceans Restaurant we offer a menu brimming with suggestive dishes, so satisfying your desires is easy. At least the ones devoured with knife and fork.

Fresh, Mediterranean flavours awaken your tongue. It is time to eat.

The sun gives happiness. So does the sea. And the music of a perfect set. And our delicious contemporary cooking. Satisfy the cravings of all palates and states of mind. Mediterranean and Asian flavours make their way into the salads, pastas, meats, fish, and seafood of the Oceans restaurant cuisine, where fusion and vanguard set the tone.  When you feel so great, why move…the aroma of happiness wafts through the kitchen.

First-class service, the best products, and a selection of the most perfect electronic music for every moment of the day. This is how we achieve the unique atmosphere of the Oceans Restaurant. Conceived for those who seek exclusivity by the sea. With feet sunken in the sand and a sip of chilled champagne wetting the lips. 

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