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While can not be responsible for customers travel plans to Mallorca, we can do our best to help.

If, for ANY reason, you can not make your reservation, you can change your booking date to any other date (based on availability) up to September 2023.

This does not need to be related to COVID. All you need to do is let us know at least 72 hours before your reserved date and one of our team can put your reservation on hold until you reschedule your travel plans.

Due to high demand – reservations for 2022 are now open. If you wish to secure your place for 2022, please contact us using the LIVE CHAT feature or contact page.

Voted Best Beach Club In Magaluf - Mallorca

Oceans Mallorca is located in the centre of the iconic party resort of Magaluf, Mallorca. It is the only beach club in Magaluf that offers panoramic views of the stunning beachfront and sun-kissed Mediterranean sea.

The beach club is home every day to the legendary Magaluf parties and is also a hotspot for celebrates and reality stars. Relax in your exclusive VIP bed or booth and enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and bottle service while resident and guest DJs bring you the sounds of the summer. 

The huge sun-soaked terrace offers personal tables and VIP booths throughout the day and night and features Magaluf’s biggest outdoor 7-metre screen to enjoy all the live sports this summer. DJ’s provide the best in summer beats while you enjoy waitress service to your own personal space.

The dedicated restaurant can be found only 3 metres away from the soft sand of the beach and serves some of the best delicacies Mallorca has to offer.

Oceans Mallorca is open to everybody wishing to experience a great day out. You can visit us for drinks or food whenever you wish, or for the ultimate day out, also book one of the VIP packages.

Oceans welcomes large groups such as stag, hen and birthday parties. The exclusive Large Group Packages are ideal for anyone in charge or organising a big group party and also ensure a hassle-free booking process.

Event Calendar

Find the best events in Magaluf for summer 2021. From our famous, signature party XO, to the classic 90’s Rewind Party, every day is something special.

Visit the Magaluf events calendar to find out what is happening during your visit and book your VIP bed or tickets online today.

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